Appointed to Flint Master Plan Task Group


I am excited to announce that I have been appointed to a task group to direct the implementation of the new Flint City Master Plan . I have been chosen to participate on the Open Space and Parks Implementation group. This is a critical group because of the large amount of vacant and blighted land that exists in the city. But what is more important that any one group is the need for all work groups of the master plan to work together in the implementation process to really grow the city out from its past decline.

On a related note, as an adjunct faculty member in the Earth and Resource Science Department at the University of Michigan-Flint, I will also be a part of a team of other faculty and staff that are on other Task Groups that will get together to develop an influence circle for the University to assist in strengthening its role in the city’s landscape and partnership toward a better future vision of the city.

Keep checking back for future updates on this exciting opportunity to make a difference in a city that has vast potential to be a leader and model of post industrial economic recovery and resiliency.



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