Three Dimensional Line Diagrams






The purpose of these line drawings primarily were to document the existing conditions of various residential projects that I have worked on in the past. I like to measure them and immediately draw the measurements directly into the computer. Many times I have gone back to the office after taking measurements and then forget where some were taken from or have missed some along the way. This method proved to be more accurate and more successful, however it did take a little longer to field measure. On the other hand after spending more time in the field with the laptop my office work of existing drawings was made much easier by spending a bit more time up front.

Greenspan AsBuilt

But after completing a few of these three-dimensional line drawings I noticed that they inherently had some visual appeal as a diagram of the buildings and houses we were renovating. I know they say, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, so I may be alone in thinking that these line drawings express themselves nicely with just the bare minimum of graphics and composition.

Kaminski Kitchen

As the needs for each project were different, then each diagram becomes something different each time. For me, that nascent artistry is most intriguing. I was not setting out to create a work of art that evoked emotion, but rather the existing conditions, in this case residential components or whole houses emerged with their own forms of delicate sculpture and composition. This emergent methodology of creation is something I am strongly interested in exploring as a professional architect. The application of this creative exercise is informative, not only as a diagram but as an understanding of the spaces created by the built environment, inside of buildings or out in the streets surrounded by buildings.


I enjoy that at the start of each diagram there is no preconceived notion of what the outcome will be. Sure I can visualize what the building will look like on paper, but each documentation process follows a unique path to fulfill the needs of the field measure.

Merril Basement

In many cases it is obvious that the drawings resemble houses, or parts of houses. We can all see familiar components such as stairs, windows, doors and walls. But the more abstract diagrams leave the mind’s eye to fill in the blanks and bridge the connections between these common building components.

Socha Mudroom


This part of my career is mostly over now, as I do not work on many residential remodels anymore, but these examples posted today set up a greater dialogue toward perception and understanding of the spaces we all inhabit. In the end, it does not matter of one of the simple diagrams becomes a great work of art, most likely the chances are nil, but what is more important is that they have led me to explore formal elements while using minimal convention to define the boundaries of a constrained space.

One thought on “Three Dimensional Line Diagrams

  1. As long as there are remodels and renovations, there will be field measurements! Back in the day it was was an excuse to catch a movie matinee…which in 1981 was $1. The simplicity of your drawings is very nice.

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