Flint Flat Lot Competition

For those interested in the possibility to have a design of theirs actually fabricated and displayed for an entire summer right in the center of downtown Flint, Michigan, then you should take a look at the Flat Lot Competition that is jointly being put on by the Flint Public Art Project, the American Institute of Architects, Flint Chapter, Uptown Redevelopment and Michigan Architectural Foundation. 

The competition entry information and downloads can be found at the Flint Public Art Project’s website here: http://flintpublicartproject.com/ . This is one of many events that the FPAP has put on this year, and this in particular will have a very interesting impact in the downtown area known as the ‘Flat Lot’. The flat lot is host to many events throughout the year because of its central position in the downtown of Flint. When it is not being used for events like the Crim Festival of Races or Back to the Bricks, it is daily used a parking lot for downtown businesses and the University of Michigan – Flint. 

This competition poses the question to anyone national or international, what could this space be used for besides a parking lot?  This is a exciting inquiry of many cities, but particularly those that are in the category of “shrinking cities”, like Flint. The flat lot area is like the Mexican ‘zocalo’ or the Italian ‘piazza’, it is the center of the city and it is being used to serve the automobile. It would be fantastic to see ideas of what the flat lot could be used for that celebrates and enhances the public realm of Flint’s downtown. 

With the amount of exposure that the flat lot has in the city it will be a very exciting and engaging competition that offers the winning entry the chance to have their idea built full scale, something that many design competitions cannot and do not offer. 

For anyone who is interested in the competition they can click the link posted above and submit a design proposal for re-imagining the flat lot in downtown Flint, Michigan. 

The deadline for registration is January 31st, 2013, and submissions are due March 1st, 2013. 


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