Final SDAT Presentation

As we head in to the final week of the semester, I have done the unthinkable. I have upgraded my windows based laptop from OS 7 to OS 8. Yes I did it! For some reason I think I am smarter and more tech savvy than I look and so this upgrade was not without its problems. However, I have triumphed over evil and my laptop is now running Windows 8 Pro AND all my installed applications are re-installed and finally working correctly. So what does this mean? It means that despite my own efforts to thwart my semester project, I can no longer blame any short comings on my failed computer system. šŸ™‚

Three weeks before this upgrade I did have a fatal hard drive crash, but even that could not stop me. I luckily am smart enough to store most of my important files on Google Drive where they were safe in the ‘cloud’. Man I love the cloud and cloud based things. This did save my rear-end from being cooked by my professor, and saved my grade from the grave that my former hard-drive resides in.

What is next is to complete my semester’s project with an SDAT presentation and report. An SDAT stands for: Sustainable Design Assessment Team. For the purposes of our studio project, we the students will act as the Assessment Team and prepare a group presentation that outlines some over-arching goals of how Port Huron can grow and move forward in a sustainable and equitable means that supports the local character and serve the needs that are defined by the citizens.

The citizens are the focus of this process. The power of the SDAT resides in being able to support and respond to the voice of the population. In this SDAT, and every SDAT, the people that live/work/recreate in the place of study are listened to and their concerns are what drives the whole assessment process. This collaborative environment gives the assessment teeth and puts the onus on the local citizenry to follow through on commitments to improving their environment, because a ‘good’ plan is only ‘great’ if it is implemented.

Below I am attaching a sample image of the first layer of analysis, this is the site overlay, highlighted in orange, which covers the extent of the Black River Riverwalk area that is owned by the city of Port Huron. By next week I will have a handful of images that describes steps to introduce and improve the Urban Connectivity of the Riverwalk area. Let this image be a teaser of what is to come. I look forward to exploring this aspect of the Port Huron’s waterfront area.


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