Design Development Presentation


These are some perspective shots from my presentation last week. I have reached a milestone for the semester called Design Development. At this point in the design process I was required to make a defined statement about the program of the building and begin to solidify the materials and construction details of the project.

I feel that after concept design I made a breakthrough, but there are still many things that need adjusting and refining.

As you can see in the last rendering I have made a noticeable billboard effect to the south facade of the amphitheater. My intentions were to provide an armature for signage that anchors the river walk area. Underlying the obvious bold letters adhered to the facade, there are references to “dead tech” relics of the industrial past of Port Huron. Much of the superstructure of the roof is exposed steel trusses that are skinned with a rusted metal panel system for the wall and roof. perpendicular to the billboard “O” in the facade is a bridge that cantilevers out over the St Clair River reflecting the tectonic features of the iconic Pere Marquette Bridge that is directly north of the site.

This super structure roof is also representing a space that is occupiable and not just something that supports the roof. This experience adds something more to the amphitheater space that enhances the experience of the user within this envelope.

There are some things to still work out. And I plan on posting some more images of the processes that I went through to arrive at this current design. I now have 3 weeks until the final presentation so I will be busy for the rest of the month.

Talk to you all soon.

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