Design Development – Week 5

After my conceptual presentation, I came away with a lot of feedback to synthesize. My design created a very lively discussion and I walked away with a lot of new ideas and many more questions about the essence of the project. As you can see from the previous post, there is quite a lot going on with my conceptual study. I decided that I need to edit the design down to respond to more human scale environment. This was one criticism that resonated across the board, and I myself, also am cognizant of the impact my project had on the site.

I was not paying enough attention to the experience of the building and the human. I think the following images represent a design that is beginning to respond to this notion. In this design development phase I am also exploring the materiality and structure of the project. These added layers will help shape the design and reinforce the conceptual goals of the overall mass of the building.

What I want to maintain is a sense of place that acts as a landmark to the Port Huron area, and the Black River Walk. By siting the building at the easternmost edge of the River Walk, at the intersection of the Black River and St. Clair River, I can take advantage of a big opportunity for a terminated vista that expresses a sense of arrival.

I am beginning to solidify the programmed spaces of the building, there is still a long way to go but as you can see from the images the project is taking shape. I have distilled the program down to:

  1. Amphitheater
  2. Viewing Deck
  3. Stage
  4. Rainwater harvesting
  5. Farmers Market Stalls
  6. Ticket and Concession
  7. Bathroom and ancillary spaces.

One special element is going to be a sunken room that is below the viewing deck and half-submerged in a moat created by the water from the Port. This element is the foundation of an underlying concept for the project, which is trying to express what Steven Holl calls, “The four types of architecture”.

  1. Underground
  2. In the ground
  3. On the ground
  4. Over the ground.

Take a moment to analyze the drawings and please comment if you have any feedback regarding the design concept development.

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