Park(ing) Day AIA Flint 2012


The above pictures show off the final product of my designs for Park(ing) Day 2012. It was a great first attempt at creating space from 100% free and recyclable materials. While these are not requirements of Park(ing) Day, it was a challenge to myself to acquire all of the materials with budget of zero.

I had a great time with the design, and even better time constructing the installation. Many thanks to Juan Zuniga and Matt Davis from Baker College and Habitat for Humanity, without them the transformation could not have happened. Their Blood, sweat and tears are evident in the excellent AND durable furniture pieces you see here.

As a special event, we demonstrated our process on the day of the event with the on-site build of the chaise lounge chair. This was a great addition to the space and drew a lot of attention from the casual passerby.

In the end, it was an all out successful park for a day, a place where pedestrians could take a break from a busy day and communicate with each other. Many visitors sat down and stayed a while engaging in great dialogue about many topics, from: What’s for breakfast? to concerns about the future of Flint.

Thanks also to the public who experimented with us on this great Park(ing) Day.

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