Port Huron Waterfront Site Visit – Week 2

I have attached a sampling of the pictures I took over the weekend while walking around downtown Port Huron. Site visits are always extremely informative and useful to exploring and understanding a place, especially a place that is the focus of a design project. Aerial photos and maps from Google are great, but nothing can beat pounding the pavement and experiencing any place yourself.

I was able to walk along both sides of the Black River which is the vicinity of my studio’s project this semester. During this walk we also had the privilege to meet some local citizens and professionals that are thoroughly invested in the prosperity of Port Huron. Two people that stayed with our walk most of the day were from the Blue Water Young Professionals organization. This diverse group of twenties and thirty-somethings are very enthusiastic about the growth of downtown night life and activity. I was impressed with their personal investment to the developments going into the historic downtown.

Within the past year there has been a great boom in the downtown especially by way of restaurants. There seems to be a new one popping up every day down there. These types of event spaces are great for compact downtown area that is walkable and can take advantage of the waterfront. Port Huron has all these positive amenities, so there is a tangible hope for a revitalized future.

Based on my walk through of the riverfront area one concern I have is that there was a lack of connectivity and identity to the river walk area. There is a lot of discontinuity among the various nodes of the walk, and there is an exceptional missing link that could draw pedestrian traffic from the downtown to the river, but is not currently there.

This semester I think I will try and explore the connections throughout the river walk area and work on developing stronger pedestrian accessibility between areas.

In my next few posts I will be sharing some conceptual diagrams and sketches that dissect and explain what the potential future plan of Port Huron’s riverfront neighborhood could look like.

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