Master’s Studio Topic – Port Huron, MI Riverwalk Master Plan – Week 1


Above is a Google Map view of Port Huron, MI. Along the Black River is the focus of this semester’s design studio. Within the semester I will be exploring, at the urban scale and building scale, interventions that can re-activate the water front.

Port Huron city officials and private developers will be meeting with my studio to help shape the spaces. Additionally I will be communicating with the local community members to understand what they think is best for the waterfront. By approaching the project with research in both the public and private sector I hope to create spaces that are highly functional and catalyze more interest in the downtown urban core.

The final outcome of the semester will be one building design and one master plan that incorporates the new building within its broader context. Because Port Huron is located immediately on the waterfront, I will also be exploring a multitude of ecological overlays, in particular freshwater harvesting and sustainable water usage.

I plan on blogging my progress throughout the semester as I develop the project. This is the starting point of a very interesting topic and site location.

3 thoughts on “Master’s Studio Topic – Port Huron, MI Riverwalk Master Plan – Week 1

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