My obsession with the sky

Lately I have been obsessed with the sky. I cannot express what it is that compels me to stare upward except that maybe that the only thing greater is heaven. Architectuure in essense is to design space. Space creation ideally from where there was nothing before it. image

Even the clouds in the sky maintain their form only for fractions of a second. They continually morph and transform leaving behind only a memory of their previous manifestation. This raises the question in my mind as to why should we dwell on the past? Everything is temporal and fleeting. Do not look to far into the future either; deal in the immediate present, for relevance only matters if it serves a purpose.

Does the client of a project really care if their building draws some minute reference from a historical anecdote? i do belive the form does follow function, but additionally the site must be able to sustain the function before the notion of a structure is to be conceived.


Take for example the Serpentine Pavilion, every year in London it is physically renewed with a sometimes inspired iteration from a different architectural genius. After a few short weeks it is auctioned off to a private investor, dismantled and never to be publicly seen again.


Temporary architecture has its place and serves its purposes. It often can be a subtle change, like Parking Day, for example, or the Painted Plazas that are beginning to pop up as well, these low budget interventions are meant to take people out if their ordinary routine to rethink their surroundings.

image image

Circling back to the beginning of this topic, clouds, like the Serpentine Pavilion, clouds present a limitless source of inspiration through their weightless and transient existence. I am fixated on them, not because of their shapes, or the speed they travel, but for the fact that their lack of form eliminates any desire to attach ones self to form because a whim.

Clouds are…

Space defining and defined by space.

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